Xander asked Charlie for a big favor. Thomas pressured Hope into saying yes to his marriage proposal. Xander insisted that Thomas was responsible for Emma's death. Ridge had to remind Thomas that Caroline would always be Douglas's mother. Steffy told Thomas that Liam went to visit Hope. Brooke revealed to Katie and Donna that Hope was engaged. Xander issued a heartbreaking ultimatum to Zoe. Brooke told her daughter how she really felt about Thomas. Sally walked in on Flo and Wyatt kissing, but then sent Flo on some errands so that she could be alone with Wyatt. Thomas played a terrible trick on Hope to get her to marry him right away. Wait to See: Zoe panics when Flo wants to stop the wedding.


Claire said farewell to Salem. Shawn and Belle comforted each other over their daughter's situation. Tripp reconnected with Haley. Kristen confronted Xander about his betrayal. Ted got honest with Kate. Hope and Eli started to put the pieces together. Ben and Ciara tried to process what happened with Claire. "Nicole" attacked Stefan. Hope ripped into Eve for keeping quiet about Claire. Sarah caught Maggie in a weak moment. Xander had second thoughts about his plans for Ted and Kate. Julie found Stefan and Gabi stealing a moment alone in her office. Tripp got new roommates. Hope followed Xander on his way to the secret room. Wait to See: Xander gets arrested.


Kim looked forward to celebrating. Bobbie created quite a stir. Obrecht confided in Franco. Curtis checked in with Valentin. Stella wondered about her family. Scott stayed by Bobbie's side. Sasha finally made a decision. Kim apologized profusely. Shiloh was treated like a pariah. Sam went to Mac with renewed hope. The reading of Oscar's will took an unexpected turn. Willow began her first step toward healing. Sam felt a sense of relief. Lucas caught up Liz on everything. Obrecht regretted her actions. Sam consoled a shaken Lucas. Maxie was intent on confronting Dante. Valentin bristled as Jax and Nina's working relationship continued to thaw. Curtis gained a positive new perspective. Wait to See: Shiloh becomes increasingly desperate.


Billy commended Victoria's efforts to sabotage Adam and Phyllis. Phyllis dodged Paul's questions about her recent disappearance. Adam was determined to reunite with Chelsea, refusing to believe that she still had an agenda. Elena was excited about being an EMT until she had to deal with her first death on the job. Devon was frustrated with Ana's attempts to sell him on the video she made for Tessa and decided to ask Theo to step in as a mentor for her. Lola finally snapped over her mother's unsolicited advice and critiques. Jack realized that his longtime rival, Victor, was struggling with his health, but allowed him to keep his dignity by not backing down during a verbal conflict. Wait to See: Rey shares a family secret.

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