Soap Opera Preview



Brooke and Liam laid down the law to Hope about Deacon. Sheila used her skills of manipulation to persuade Deacon to team up with her. Liam and Hope disagreed about Deacon’s role in their lives. Deacon then went undercover to pay a surprise visit to Hope at Forrester. Paris received an unforeseen gift from an unexpected person. Ridge argued with Carter. Thomas and Paris celebrated their new arrangement. Wait to See: Ridge gives Quinn an angry earful about Eric. Bill goes to great effort to set things straight with Katie. Eric makes a heartbreaking demand of Quinn.


Johnny urged Allie to be in his movie. The Devil forced Marlena to do his bidding. Ciara was thrilled when Ben agreed to have a baby. EJ interrupted a close moment between Chad and Abigail. Marlena was horrified to learn of the Devil’s diabolical plan to take full control of her. Ciara assured Ben that they made the right decision. Abigail and Chad had a major breakthrough. Eli and Lani helped Paulina and Abe celebrate their engagement. EJ blindsided Chad and Abigail. Jake gave Philip a warning. Gabi ripped into Ava for plotting with Philip. Rafe questioned Nicole about her date with EJ. Marlena told John about her disturbing nightmare. Wait to See: John tries to talk Johnny out of making his movie. Rafe and EJ have a heated confrontation about Nicole. Philip loses it when he walks in on Brady holding Chloe again.


Jax and Sonny forged an unlikely truce. Jason caught Carly about to do something she might regret. Brando and Sasha were interrupted by a visitor. Sonny laid down the ground rules with Nina. Carly made an unexpected choice. Austin tried to win over Jason. Brook Lynn took things to the next level. Sonny confronted Jason. Trina was surprised by her feelings. Austin cautioned Maxie. Britt weighed her options. Sonny and Carly talked about the future. Spencer was forced to make a choice. Esme made an emotional appeal to Nikolas. Britt sought help from an unexpected source. Robert unearthed a shocking discovery. Curtis revealed more about his past to Portia. Spinelli confirmed Jason’s suspicions. Wait to See: Anna and Robert make a surprising decision. Sam and Dante are thwarted. Victor dictates some malicious commands.


Victor helped Ashland protect his reputation. Nick tried to make amends with Victoria. Billy brought a surprise guest to Tuscany. Nick and Phyllis considered a change of plans. Victor and Nikki reconnected with someone from their past. Billy and Lily defended their actions to Victoria. Summer and Kyle arrived in Tuscany. Adam and Sally made a bold move. Wait to See: Jack takes the high road. As Victor prepares to walk Victoria down the aisle, Nikki makes a shocking discovery. Trouble looms as family and friends gather to celebrate the wedding of Victoria and Ashland. 

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