Steffy defended her brother to Liam. Ridge figured out Hope's plan to get custody of Douglas. Meanwhile, Donna realized what a huge risk Hope was taking. Steffy was ready to date again. Thomas' horrible proposal to Hope proved that Brooke was right about his motivation. Later, Thomas received an unexpected kiss from Zoe. Liam agreed to return to Spencer Publications. Steffy was stunned when Thomas admitted he was thinking of sharing custody with Hope. He later lured Hope in by telling her to bring over the adoption papers. Ridge turned to Shauna for a supportive ear. Donna helped assuage Brooke's fears about Hope being alone with Thomas. Hope went on the hunt for Douglas when Thomas refused to tell her his location. Wait to See: Steffy gives Ridge the 411 on Brooke.


Lani made a heartbreaking decision. Marlena warned Sarah about dating Xander. Justin and Adrienne shared their good news with Jack and Jennifer. A double wedding took place in the town square. Eve tried to stir up trouble for Jennifer. Princess Gina took drastic measures to protect Dr. Rolf's secrets and later ran into Rafe. Kayla and Haley worked to save Jennifer's life. Julie was stunned when Eli told her what happened at the wedding. Lani punched Gabi. Kristen had a pregnancy scare. Jack and JJ searched for answers about Jennifer's fall. Ben feared that he was going to have to kill Jordan. Wait to See: John and Marlena mark their one-year wedding anniversary.


Lucas began slinging accusations. Brad turned to Julian. Valentin felt extremely relieved. Laura was reeling from what just transpired. Maxie was quite worried. Julian supported Ava. Franco had a realization. Elizabeth received some terrible news. Kim sought closure. Brad gained the upper hand. Finn wasn't ready to face Anna. Alexis took a turn for the worse. Cassandra made a threatening gesture. Nina visited her brother's grave. Jax summoned Carly. Martin visited Nelle. Charlotte had dessert with Maxie and Lulu. Jason received an alarming phone call. Julian headed to the hospital. Ava kept quiet. Wait to See: Carly makes a deal with Jax.


Mariah planned a surprise anniversary party for herself and Tessa. Nate told the medical board why he helped fake Victor's death. After Amanda accused him of doing it for Abby, Nate explained that she didn't force him to go along with the plan. Victor made a call to find out more information on Amanda -- and her strong resemblance to Hilary. At the coffeehouse, Mariah teased Sharon about the random bouquet of flowers she received from Rey, but was really happy for her. Mariah still thought that Adam was manipulating her mother by asking her to help Connor, but Sharon made it clear that Adam had no power over her anymore. Wait to See: Ashley returns home to total chaos.

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