Desperately wanting to find a happy middle ground, Brooke and Ridge continued to land on the opposite side of the debate regarding Thomas. Steffy attempted to reassure a disbelieving Liam that Thomas was not a threat to anyone. Hope desperately searched for Douglas. Liam told Steffy that he was returning to Spencer Publications. Hope made a terrifying realization and then confided in her mom about the frightening events that occurred between her, Thomas and Douglas at Forrester Creations. Ridge showed off Thomas' designs. Brooke continued to reassure Hope that she had no reason to feel guilty. Wait to See: Shauna proves to Ridge that he can count on her.


Jennifer was reunited with her children. Sarah's baby drama took a surprising turn. Ben shared his woes with a surprising confidante. An unexpected death was revealed. Jack informed Jennifer that the person responsible for her fall was in prison. Sonny got acquainted with Rafe's nanny, Evan. Ciara told Victor she had given up on Ben. Princess Gina had a shocking new companion. Eric realized that JJ was high. Nicole and Sarah shared their guilt over their deception. Brady recalled his struggles from the past year. Gabi believed Chad was plotting against her. Meanwhile, Chad admitted to Abigail that he had been in contact with Stefano. JJ blew up at Brady. Wait to See: Kayla heads home for a romantic evening.


Lulu went into a panic. Valentin received a disturbing phone call. Jason planned to confront Jax. Finn bonded with Violet. Lucas and Julian hashed out their differences. Carly made a deal with Jax. Robert clashed with Peter. Finn and Hayden finally discussed their issues. Chase gave Robert a little advice. Lulu and Valentin found some common ground. Carly shut down Josslyn's idea. Sonny and Ava had a meeting about Avery's well-being. Hayden and Violet's visit was cut short. Elizabeth took Cameron to visit Sonny. Alexis agreed to speak to Olivia on Julian's behalf. Jason gave a statement. TJ received a diagnosis. Finn told Liz that he and Anna had a lot to sort out. Brad confronted Julian. Wait to See: Jax confronts Nina.


Victor was impressed that Adam wanted to show Connor where he grew up and have some knowledge of his grandmother. Nikki was proud of Nick for connecting with voters, but Victor wanted his son to aim higher than a council member position. Devon returned home and told Elena that he found Tucker in a secluded commune in Thailand. Tucker denied forging Katherine's will and said he was on a quest to find inner peace away from materialistic things. Nate wasn't amused when he heard Cane on the phone with an investment manager. Later, Nate met with Amanda to discuss her strategy for his hearing with the medical board. Victor promised to take full responsibility should the board threaten to take away Nate's license. Wait to See: Jill makes a shocking discovery.

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