Bill took control of his own destiny and professed his commitment to one special woman. Refusing to accept defeat, Quinn proposed the idea to Ridge that he give Shauna a "do-over." Finn fueled Liam's suspicions when he shut down the inquisition from Steffy's ex. Unaware of the secret that lie within it, Thomas delivered a gift to Steffy from Vinny. Thomas needled Liam when he realized that his nemesis wanted the best of both worlds. Steffy and Finn got caught up in the surprising turn that their relationship had taken. Liam and Thomas gave Ridge an earful about Steffy and Finn. Wait to See: Thomas lashes out in anger at Liam. Steffy hides her stash of pain pills. Hope disagrees with Liam's over-the-top reaction about Steffy moving on.


John finally awakened, but there were complications. Ben dreamed about a future with Ciara. Julie delivered some heartbreaking news to Doug. Eli betrayed Lani. Hope suspected that the truth wasn't as it appeared. Brady was stunned to learn of Kristen's arrest. Lani had an angry confrontation with Eli. Jan encouraged Claire to open up to her. Belle was horrified to find Claire with Jan. Wait to See: Xander discovers a way to solve his Philip problem. John lashes out at Sami. Eric receives a life-changing offer.


Britt confronted Julian. Liz apologized to Franco. Nina told Jax about her mother. Ned turned on Lucy. Sasha offered to help. Sonny looked to Felix for support. Portia had news for Brook Lynn. Carly got the closure she needed. Ava decompressed at the cabin. Dante received some devastating news. Stella felt sympathetic. Sonny reminisced about what might have been. Carly gave Jason an update. Michael and Willow grew closer. Brando had a moment with Josslyn. Sonny received an unexpected gift. Michael reached out to Brook Lynn. Ava spent time with Avery. Nina felt hopeful. Ned offered to help Alexis. Robert was backed into a corner. Wait to See: Molly is caught off guard. Curtis loses his temper with Stella. Cyrus taunts Sam.


Billy shared his revenge plot with Jack. Sharon dreamed about Adam. Nikki came to Victor's defense. Victor questioned Kyle's commitment to Summer. Nate delivered some shocking news. Phyllis gave Jack a reality check. Adam and Chelsea declared war. Traci uncovered a clue about Dina's past. Amanda let her guard down with Devon. Chelsea set a trap. Elena lost patience with Amanda. Chance gave Adam an ultimatum. Wait to See: Billy gets the upper hand against Adam. Sharon questions Victoria's intentions. Phyllis gives Nick a history lesson.

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