Carter questioned Zoe about her relationship with Thomas. Meanwhile, Thomas informed his sister that he was no longer fixated on Hope. Steffy let Brooke in on her and Liam's plan to use Zoe to find out the truth about Thomas. Liam urged Brooke that they must be patient. Thomas told Hope he intended to prove to her that he was a changed man. Hope and Thomas then shared an important moment with Douglas. Sally confided to Steffy that she couldn't lose the fashion showdown to Thomas and Hope. Thomas made an inappropriate gesture. Brooke didn't believe that Zoe and Steffy could outwit Thomas. A calculating Thomas set a romantic scene for Zoe, and the two made love. Wait to See: Brooke and Ridge face the end of their relationship.


Kayla and Justin planned a romantic Christmas together. Rafe questioned why "Hope" and Kate were fighting. JJ came clean to his parents about his addiction. Julie worried that no one was going to come to the Horton family tree-trimming. Eve and Hattie both received an early Christmas gift. Xander had a holiday surprise for Sarah. "Stefano" secretly joined the Christmas party at the hospital. Hattie asked Roman for a favor. Marlena helped Ciara visit Ben without Victor's knowledge. Kate was upset to see Sonny with Evan. John got an unpleasant surprise at home. Kayla followed "Stefano" and confronted him. Marlena found a mysterious gift in her purse. Hattie was caught off-guard when she found "Steve" in Kate's room. Lani and Kristen returned to Salem. Wait to See: Kristen is enraged by Brady and Nicole's kiss.


The residents of Port Charles were reminded of the true meaning of the holiday season in this year's Dickensian twist. Joss was quite perplexed. Danny visited Santa. Nelle was quite insistent. Monica was overjoyed. Jason questioned Sonny's motives. Carly met with Jax. Jordan was hopeful. Nina was put on notice. Curtis called a meeting with Laura. Jax headed to Wyndemere. Wait to See: Sasha comes to Valentin's defense.


At Crimson Lights, Faith surprised Sharon by arriving home earlier than expected. Summer welcomed Faith back with a hug and asked a ton of questions about boarding school and boys. In the back of her mind, Sharon worried that Connor would need her help soon. At Society, Chance let Adam know that he was staying in Genoa City, but Adam just wanted to forget about their days in Vegas. Phyllis warned Chance that Adam would stab him in the back. Chelsea believed that Adam had an ulterior motive in wanting to take Connor to visit his mother's old farm. Adam then admitted he still loved her, but she reminded him that her heart belonged to Nick now. Billy urged Victoria to go to Telluride without him, but she feared leaving him alone on Christmas Eve. Wait to See: Victor and Nikki celebrate the New Year in style.

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