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Thomas caught Paris off guard with a true confession. A heartbroken and furious Finn learned of his father's deception. Sheila used Jack's pain and disappointment to her advantage. A shaken Paris confessed Thomas' proclamation to Carter. Brooke and Ridge hosted a traditional Thanksgiving dinner for Steffy, Finn, Hope, Liam, Carter, Paris and Zende. Meanwhile, Deacon and Sheila ate Chinese food in her hotel room, lamenting how they would be spending the holiday with their kids if not for the pesky Forresters. Separately, Deacon and Sheila fantasized about having a perfect Thanksgiving with their family. Wait to See: On Nov. 25, "B&B" airs a repeat of Steffy and Finn's wedding.


On Thanksgiving Day in Salem, Julie, Shawn and Belle anxiously awaited the ruling on Doug's power of attorney. The Devil tried to corrupt John. A desperate Sami managed to contact a loved one. Nicole turned to EJ for comfort. Gabi was upset that Rafe was giving Ava another chance. Kayla and Steve grilled Marlena about Doug and John. Olivia blasted Paulina for her actions. Johnny had a romantic offer for Chanel. A possessed Marlena ordered Susan to kill John. Julie shared an emotional reunion with Doug. An angry Paulina tangled with the Devil. Steve got a lead on John. EJ, Anna and Tony's quiet holiday erupted in chaos. Wait to See: Marlena crashes Thanksgiving dinner at the Horton house. Julie and Marlena have a major showdown. Ciara and Ben celebrate Thanksgiving together.


Tensions heightened on Cassadine Island. Maxie supported Brando. Brook Lynn was shocked by Chase's proclamation. Nina awaited word at Charlie's. Jax unexpectedly ran into Carly. Sasha received a surprise visitor. Sonny and Carly decided to put aside their differences with Gladys. Brook Lynn and Chase planned their next move. Valentin vowed to help Maxie. Those on Cassadine Island anxiously awaited news. Sam and Dante enjoyed their first Thanksgiving as a couple. Curtis opened up to Portia. Wait to See: Brook Lynn spins a new story for Ned. Olivia tracks down Austin. Finn learns some surprising news from Chase.


Victor and Ashley found themselves at odds with each other. Noah opened up about his past. Jack surprised Phyllis. Victoria and Ashland made a power move. Devon turned to Elena for help. Lily made a distress call. Phyllis received a wake-up call. Wait to See: A repeat episode of Victoria and Ashland's wedding airs on Thanksgiving Day.

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