Thomas and Hope forged a new path in their relationship. Liam moved quickly when he found Steffy unconscious and unresponsive. Thomas' talk of Liam and Steffy began to have an effect on Hope. In denial and agitated, a defiant Steffy unleashed her pent-up fury on Liam. Hope confided in Brooke that she was frustrated with Liam when it came to Steffy. Later, Steffy accused Liam and Hope of kidnapping her baby. Ridge rushed to Steffy when Thomas revealed her odd behavior and accusation. Wait to See: In a drug-induced haze, Steffy takes direct aim at Brooke. Thomas leaves nothing unsaid during a genuine apology to Zoe. Believing that everyone is against her, Steffy makes a dangerous move.


Allie laid into Sami for going against her wishes. Shawn found Belle in Philip's arms. Marlena gave Claire a warning about Jan. Sami realized that she needed to act fast to keep custody of her grandson. Brady persuaded Victor to back up his confession. Lani struggled to forgive Eli for his deception. Xander tried to manipulate Jan. Eric and Nicole shared a tearful goodbye. After speaking with Eric, Sami presented Allie with a compromise. Kristen's past came back to haunt her. Bonnie pulled Justin in for a kiss. Justin later confided in Jack about Bonnie. Gwen plotted against Abigail. John lashed out at Steve. Ben faced life without Ciara. Sami and Nicole had one last argument before Sami's departure. Wait to See: Tripp asks for Kayla's blessing. Abigail makes plans for her future. Claire tells Ben about Hope's search for Vincent.


Molly spent the afternoon with Alexis. Ava dropped off Avery at Sonny's. Nikolas ran into Elizabeth. Cyrus asked Lulu to relay a message for him. Curtis apologized to Stella. Alexis was dismissive of Valentin. Brando explained himself to Sam. Dante became agitated with his doctor. Lulu and Elizabeth reminisced together. Cameron felt conflicted. Franco asked Nina for a favor. Jason received a troubling phone call. Lulu comforted Sonny. Jax felt guilty. Stella checked in on TJ. Molly struggled with guilt. Chase paid Carly a visit. Liz and Franco fought over finances. Sasha sought help from a friend. Ned felt shaken. Valentin defended Alexis. Ned let his temper get the best of him. Wait to See: Olivia blames herself. Brook Lynn feels helpless. Cameron confides in Joss.


Elena worried about Devon and Amanda's growing connection. Summer presented Kyle with an interesting proposal. Nick came clean with Jack. Victor gave Adam some unsolicited advice. Billy helped Amanda dig for clues about her past. Phyllis and Nick discussed their future. Victoria interrogated Chance about his past, while Devon honored Hilary's memory. Elena made a confession to Nate. Phyllis kept the peace between Nick and Summer. Chelsea and Adam plotted against Billy. Wait to See: Lily stands her ground with Nikki. Abby shows her support of Chance. Sharon apologizes to Rey.

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