Simple Acts of Kindness

There are some cute little girls that visit me from time to time at my apartment complex. 

So the doorbell rang and two of them were standing there with blue kitchen rubber gloves on and a big basket with all these beautiful eggs in it. One of them said that her grandmother had a little farm and she wanted to share the eggs. I only had a few at the time and there were none at the store, so it was a real blessing.  I wish I had thought to take a picture of them. 


 A couple of months ago,when one could grocery shop in the peace of the night, my insomnia got the best of me and I headed off to Walmart 

at 4am. It was a very pleasant experience and I wasn’t in a hurry since work didn’t start until 8am.  As I started toward the check out, an elderly man was headed in the same direction. 

I let him go first since he had only a few items and “elders first,” you know. His gift card was giving him trouble and it took longer than it should have. Feeling badly for taking my time, he acknowledged me and said he was sorry. As he began to walk away with his purchase, he threw a $20 bill toward my groceries on the counter. 

In shock, I laughed, grabbed the cash, and headed toward him. We both broke out into laughter as I put the money back in his coat pocket. I thanked him very much, but said I could not take the money. What a kind gesture from the man! 

Thank you, dear Sir. I hope you are well and sleeping through the night these days. - Celeste

When did YOU experience or see a Simple Act of Kindness that will be uplifting for others?

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