2nd Giving Day for UNA’s Leo III

FLORENCE – The University of North Alabama alumni, faculty, staff, and friends will celebrate the second Leo and Una Giving Day Wednesday, November 18, in celebration of Leo III and Una’s birthdate. 

So much has happened since we celebrated our first Leo and Una Giving Day just one year ago. As we celebrate the second Leo and Una Giving Day, we have an opportunity to consider giving a gift in honor of Leo III’s 18th birthday or a memorial gift for Una, the beautiful lioness who spent most of her 17 years on the UNA campus. There will be updates all day November 18 along with photographs of the memorial service for Una.

UNA has been very fortunate to have had magnificent live lions on campus for much of the past 46 years. It’s state-of-the-art habitat was built in 2002, and it has housed Leo III (and Una) for the past 18 years. The needs of UNA’s mascot lions past and present are handled through private donations.  Therefore, no gift is insignificant, and a gift of any amount will go toward meeting the greatest needs of Leo III. 

To view all the giving opportunities for Leo III and the lion program, please visit: www.leoanduna.com or call or email Laura Hamner at 256-765-5080 or lhamner1@una.edu.

Thank you for thoughtfully considering giving a gift of any amount on Leo and Una Giving Day.