FLORENCE – A replica of Christopher Columbus’ famous ship, the ‘Pinta’ will sail into Florence Harbor Thursday, July 1. It will be open for public access open in Florence beginning on Friday. 

The ship will be docked at Florence Harbor Marina until her departure on Monday, July 12.

The ‘Pinta’, a caravel replica, was first launched in Brazil in 2005.  Historically, the Pinta was the first ship to sight land in the New World on October 12, 1492.  Historians consider the caravel the Space Shuttle of the 15th century. The Pinta tours as a ‘sailing museum’ for the purpose of educating the public and school children on the ‘caravel’, a Portuguese ship used by Columbus and many early explorers to discover the world.  Before him, the Old World and the New remained separate and distinct continents and ever since their fates have been bound together for better or for worse.

While in port, the general public is invited to visit the ship for a walk-aboard, self-guided tour.

Admission charges are $6.50 for adults, $6 for seniors, and $5.50 for students ages 5 - 16. Children 4 and under are admitted free. The ship will be open every day from 10am-5pm from July 2-11. No reservations necessary. Teachers or organizations wishing to schedule a 30-minute guided tour with a crew member should call 1-850-686-3612 or visit ninapinta.org and click “take a tour”. There is a minimum of 15 for the group rate of $4.50/person.