Birthday Gifts May Have Holt Walk Her Buns Off

Shoals CASA Executive Director, Andrea Holt, gets her blood pressure checked for what may be a long walk by Rene Scott-Acklin, Clinical Manager at Shoals Community Clinic.

Holt has pledged to walk a mile for every $100 in donations to CASA.

SHEFFIELD – Facebook birthday fundraisers have gotten very popular with people trying to generate a few hundred for a favorite charity.  The fundraisers are easy to run through Facebook.  Most of the time Facebook users just post their charity and expect others to contribute $5-$10-$20-$50, and some will.  

However, Andrea Holt likes to do something a little different for her birthday month each year and her favorite charity, Shoals CASA where she is the Executive Director.  

“With our ability to raise funds via Facebook activities, it’s an easy way to promote some ‘happy’ giving. Last year we partnered with Yummies to create a cupcake club that I announced on my birthday.  This year I decided to dress up as a Hot Dog.”

“My Hot Dog Birthday deal is this,” she said.  “For every $100 raised/donated to Shoals CASA,  I’ll walk a mile in the hot dog suit.”  

Holt’s Facebook donation totals are at $825 as of June 10.  “I’ve received $425 in checks, cash, and CASA PayPal donations. - $1,250 with 21 days to go,” she said.  

CASA’s work with at-risk children will benefit from all proceeds.  With her grandson insisting that she will walk 100 miles, Holt’s plan for walking all those miles has been on her mind, but she hasn’t come up with a concrete plan yet.   Will she get to $2,000 and 20 miles, $3,000 and 30 miles?   Or $10,000 and 100 miles?  Regardless, she’ll be walking a lot of miles in a hot dog suit and she’ll find a way to draw a crowd, and allow others to participate. 

Those not on Facebook who would like to donate to Shoals CASA through Andrea’s Hot Dog Birthday, may call the Shoals CASA office at 256-765-0041.  

An Ace For CASA 

KILLEN – Killen Time Adventure Park on U.S. Hwy 72 across from Brooks High School in Killen will host the 4th Annual Ace for CASA Miniature Golf event June 17-21.

All proceeds from event sponsorships go toward CASA’s work in training local volunteers to advocate on behalf of at-risk children who are involved in the court system.  

Social distancing is being observed at the golf complex.  In addition, all clubs and balls are being sanitized after each used, and all players are welcome to sanitize again before they begin play.  

Participants at the 36-hole miniature golf facility will have a special Ace for CASA scorecard that includes a $5 Off coupon to any local Foodland store, the event’s premium sponsor.  

Gold sponsors include: B Electric, LLC, CB&S Bank, Executive Investments - Kelly Cole, First Southern Bank, Johnson, Paseur & Medley, LLC, Progress Bank, and United Treating & Distributing, LLC.  Other hole sponsors include Medical Associates of the Shoals and Alabama Metal Arts.