Wife-Husband Team Offer Sculpted Function

FLORENCE – Ceramic artists, Lynnette Hesser and Steve Loucks, are bringing a dynamic selection of both their sculptural and functional ceramic pieces and wood sculptures to exhibit at Kennedy-Douglass Center for the Arts January 15 - February 21. They will give a presentation and discuss their approach to the creative process in a gallery talk on Friday, January 17 at 6pm.

The wife and husband team share their studio in Wellington, Alabama. 

Lynnette Hesser and Steve Loucks, former Adjunct Instructor and Professor Emeritus at Jacksonville State University, are full-time ceramic artists. Each was awarded the Alabama State Council on the Arts Fellowship in Crafts grant twice and wrote and edited, “Glazes from a Potter’s Perspective,” conduct workshops, and exhibit their work nationwide. Steve also lectures at NCECA. Both received their MFAs in Ceramics Steve from the New York College of Ceramics at Alfred University, and Lynnette from UF. You can learn more about the artists on their websites: lynnettehesserceramics.com and stevelouckspottery.com


As a ceramic artist, my work celebrates decorative pattern or natural designs. Attention to detail is paramount. The functional pieces are made by throwing white stoneware or porcelain on the potter’s wheel. Then I use the techniques of altering, embellishing, carving, reticulation (cutting entirely through the clay wall), and/or assembling. The essence of natural form is captured rather than recreated.

My sculptural work relates to natural and creative forms that I design to represent flowers and leaves or coral, fungi, and mushroom clusters.  I would like to bring attention to the beauty of coral by creating my versions from clay.”

     Artist Lynette Hesser


My ceramic artplay, which transcends function while embracing it, is divided between utilitarian pottery and glorified decorative vessels. I want my utilitarian pottery to have a humble, down to earth, look and appeal while performing with comfort, ease, and delight. My glorified functional vessels abandon utilitarian concerns for a sculptural approach to form, embellishment, and presentation with a whimsical flair in their designs. 

My wooden pieces are either laminated birch plywood or natural wood. They are sculpted using a hand-held grinder with a heavy-duty burr to have a wavy line incorporated into their designs which relates to the bases and rims of many of my ceramic pieces.”

      Artist Steve Loucks


Entrance to the exhibit and gallery talk is free.  The Kennedy-Douglass Center for the Arts  is free and open to the public Monday-Friday from 9am-4pm.  The Art Center is located at 217 E. Tuscaloosa St. in Florence and can be reached at 256-760-6379 for more information.