GIRLS IN KINDER-GARTEN-6TH GRADE are Invited to Popsicle’s in the Park on Saturday, September 19 from 2-4pm at the Cox Creek Complex Playground (Farmer’s Market area).  Popsicle’s is a fun craft with the opportunity to learn how to become a Girl Scout!    

THE TRAIL OF TEARS COMMEMORATIVE MOTORCYCLE RIDE comes to Waterloo on September 19.  The ride in Alabama begins in Bridgeport near Chattanooga, TN and ends in Waterloo where a festival will be held.  Waterloo is where some of the Cherokee were loaded on boats in 1838 to take them to Indian Country in Oklahoma.  Others walked to Oklahoma through freezing temperatures. Thousands died.  The ride commemorates that struggle.   Visit 

Line up downtown Bridgeport 7am and leave at 8am CDT for lunch at Redstone Harley-Davidson in Huntsville. Leave Huntsville at 12pm and arrive in Waterloo at 3pm. 

“THE CURE FOR DREAMING” BY CAT WINTERS will be discussed at the September 16 meeting of the Readers of the Lost Ark Book Club at 10am in Spring Park, Tuscumbia.   For more information, email or on Facebook look for “Readers of the Lost Ark Book Club”