Parodox is the Subject

Guy Robinson piece above in entitled “Rensidering Alchemy”. Robinson is a noted artist in addition to a keen knowledge in the martial arts. (Courtesy photo)

FLORENCE – Atlanta based artist, Guy Robinson, will display a collection of his oil paintings at Kennedy-Douglass Center for the Arts through January 10.

Robinson’s paintings have been exhibited in numerous galleries and have a place in contemporary museum collections including the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Atlanta, Georgia.

Robinson attended the Atlanta College of Art on a Ford Foundation grant and he has worked extensively in painting, sculpture, printmaking, and drawing. Guy has over 35 years of experience teaching drawing and painting for Emory University’s continuing education program. Guy spent years as a recorder specialist with early music consorts and building and performing on renaissance lutes and other historical instruments. Guy is a martial artist and teacher with experience in numerous styles of T’ai-chi and traditional Chinese weapons. Guy also is an amateur paleontologist who has worked with Dr. David Schwimmer of Columbus College in the discovery of new species of middle Cambrian trilobites. Guy is extraordinarily proud of this small contribution, having failed 8th grade science. He believes that each of these and other wide-ranging skills feeds and informs the other. He paints in a realistic style with broad references to Surrealism. His canvases are filled with bold symbolic imagery drawn from historic references, his beautiful rendering borders on the Trompe L`Oeil style.

“I enjoy playing on still life, landscape, the figure, mythology, religious images and the expectations that have grown up around them. The nature of life is that appearances are changeable and deceptive. So, paradox is always the subject.”

Entrance to the exhibit is free.

Robinson will also teach an abstract painting workshop “Introduction To Abstraction – Translating Music Into Paint” on Saturday, January 11 from 9am-noon.

The workshop fee is $30 and participants can register by calling 256-760-6379. There is a list of supplies that we will email to registered participants that will be available at the Kennedy Douglass Museum Shop.

The Kennedy-Douglass Center for the Arts is free and open to the public Monday - Friday from 9am-4pm. The art center is located at 217 E. Tuscaloosa St. Florence, AL and can be reached at 256-760-6379 for more information.