Simple Acts of Kindness

I am a healthcare worker and I have been for many years. Never have I seen such gratitude for what I do. Just the other day, I ordered a cup of coffee at a McDonald’s drive-through window and was given the coffee free. I assume the cashier noticed my scrubs because I did not acknowledge my profession. 

It felt good to be thanked in such a way.   I got a taste of what it feels like when I thank our military personnel for their service. It gave me the extra boost I needed that day to keep-on-keeping-on in the face of this tiresome crisis. 

Thank you, dear lady, for your kindness at the drive-through window.             


This is not a standard reader submission, but it is worth considering. 

Richard V. Battle knows life’s battles. The veteran Texas business consultant, speaker, and author of six books has survived a devastating apartment fire that killed his neighbor less than 30 feet away from him, experienced financial ruin with the Texas real estate collapse in the 1980s, an emotionally scarring divorce, two major heart procedures, cancer and his most significant loss of all, the death of his only son.  And yet, Richard’s optimistic attitude toward adversity has prepared him better for today and tomorrow.

His Top 4 things you can do RIGHT NOW to improve your “pandemic life” include:

• Focus on what you can control and find activities that will prepare you for the future

• Maintain a structure for your days and the discipline to persevere each day

• Things can always be worse.  We don’t have to look far to see others worse off than we are

• How can I help others? The more we think about others, the less we focus on any negatives in our lives.


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