Simple Acts of Kindness

A couple of weeks ago I was having trouble with my leg while at the store.  One of the clerks saw me.  She got my groceries together and had someone help me to the car.  Later that day had surgery on my leg.  

Another clerk there helped me when I got sick.

These great women work at Walmart on Cloverdale Rd.  I don’t have names, wish I did.

Every time I’ve gotten sick believe me these girls were there.

Just would like to thank them.

                      Vicki G.


A Major Deed

My husband had been in the hospital and had major surgery. While he was in the hospital, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

We are both at home, he is recovering and I am taking chemo treatments.

We have a business in Sheffield and the grass was getting in bad need of cutting. We kept on waiting for a day to come that we would feel strong enough to cut it ourselves. That day finally came.

We loaded our lawn mower and went to our place of business to cut the grass. Upon arriving at the museum, we were shocked to see the grass had been professional cut. The sidewalks had been edged, the weedeating had been done, and not a sprig of grass left uncut.

We racked our brains trying to think of who would do such a wonderful deed for us. My husband said, “I only know one person that would have the heart to do this.” He said, “I think Billy Carmack would have this done.”

I called Billy’s sister and told her what someone did for us. She said, “Yes that’s just the way Billy is. He’s such a good person, but he didn’t do it for any praising.”

Now I feel blessed again to have such a unique way of telling Billy how much we appreciate what he did for us. Thank you and may the Lord continue to bless you in all the things you do.

          Earl and Charlene 


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