FLORENCE - The witches and wizards at Florence-Lauderdale Public Library are preparing for the library’s 8th annual celebration of Harry Potter’s Birthday. This year’s event will be on Friday, July 12, from 2-7pm. There will be magical fun for all ages, including crafts, trivia, costumes, games, a scavenger hunt, and a meetup for the new mobile game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Everyone who attends can also earn a free butterbeer and magical treat (while supplies last) by having a special stamp card filled out for participating in different activities throughout the day.

“This year’s Harry Potter’s Birthday celebration is the concluding event for our Summer Reading Program,” sais Jennifer Butler Keeton, the library’s Marketing Director and the coordinator for the annual event. “There’s no better way to cap off Summer Reading than with this celebration that embodies the enduring power that great stories can have in our lives.”

The festivities will start at 2pm with craft stations for making wands, creating self-inking quills, and decorating dragon eggs. There will also be facepainting where kids and adults alike can choose between lightning scars, golden snitches, and other iconic images from J.K. Rowling’s beloved series.

Throughout the afternoon there will be Harry Potter -themed games such as charades and pictionary, costume and trivia contests, and opportunities to get some magical photos. The library will have a physical photo booth or two and a green-screen photo booth where you will get to try on Harry’s invisibility cloak. The community is also invited to contribute to a collaborative art project, intended to celebrate the books and allow participants to share what Harry Potter means to them.

Although the library usually closes on Fridays at 5pm, the magical celebration will continue after hours with even more activities such as a Horcrux Scavenger Hunt and meetups for players of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

While everyone is searching the library for Horcruxes and Confoundables, there will also be a Harry Potter Open Mic. Fans are invited to read excerpts from the books or act out favorite scenes with friends. Meanwhile, there will be Quidditch Tryout activities on the front lawn. This will give prospective Hogwarts students a chance to attempt different positions of the sport.

“Harry Potter’s Birthday is my favorite library event of the year,” said Keeton. “You get to see all ages come together to celebrate what these books mean to them. It’s really a one-day festival where folks get to escape for the day and spend some time in the world of Harry Potter.”




Florence-Lauderdale Public Library

ALL DAY from 2–7pm

• Photo Booth

• Game Room

• Collaborative Art

• Movies

• Butterbeer and treats (while supplies last; earned by participating in activities): 2–4pm

• Crafts (wands, quills, and dragon eggs; while supplies last)

• Face Painting: 2:30pm

• Costume Contest: 3–6pm

• Green Screen Photo Booth: 3:30pm

• Trivia Contest: 4–7pm

• Quidditch Tryouts (Chaser, Keeper, Beater, and Seeker): 5–7pm

• Horcrux Scavenger Hunt

• Harry Potter Open Mic

• Wizards United Meetup

For more information and any schedule updates, visit www.flpl.org/potter